Leelo Ratas

My name is Leelo Ratas and I have a dalmatians since 1995. My first dog came from kennel Rocca al Mare and there started my love to that breed. Second dog Rocca al Mare Colombine was my breeding female and another breeding female from Belarus Laguna Dios Alisia Donna.

First litter was born in 2000 under kennel name Alphadirato. Kennel name is mix of my first dog named Rocca al Mare Adirato, as my Alpha dog and as my first dog. For my breeding work 20 litter by now and I have been using dogs from England, Norway, Sweden, Australia and USA lines. Out of each litter have been
born at least 3 multichampion dogs. Specially I am proud of my Multi BIS Winner, EurJW05 and Eur W07,08 Alphadirato Exact Copy and Multi BIS Winner, NordW09, FinW09, EurW 10,WW10 and CruftsW10 Alphadirato Future Brand. 

I am very happy that my breeded dogs are living and have been used for breeding in USA, England, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Netherlands, Australia, Indonesia and other countries. We all try to give our best what we can and leave a footprint to the breed what
we love.

I am a hobby breeder and my goal is to breed balanced dogs with good health, mentality and the right breed type. I have been judging open shows in Finland and Sweden.

See You soon and I expect that we all enjoy that day with dogs.

Best regards
Leelo Ratas
Kennel Alphadirato