Kutsu yhdistyksen jäsenille Ruotsin Dalmatiankoirayhdistyksen 60-vuotisjuhlaan


60-vuotisjuhla järjestetään Ruotsissa 14.-17.7.2022 - ilmoittautumisaika sulkeutuu pian!

The Swedish Dalmatian Club invites you to our 60 years jubilee at Tånga Hed, Vårgårda 14-17 july



Afternoon an unofficial point counted show for dalmatians with an unofficial puppyshow. The entry
is also open for a separate class of disqualified faults (patch, bleu eye) Judge is John Sigve Berg, SWE


After breakfast Try-out nosework

After lunch Membersmeeting with lecture about diets and feeding with Marie Sallander
In the evening we keep our tradition with barbeque. You bring your own food and drinks and charcoal is arranged by the club. Time 18.30


Official speciality show for dalmatians and unofficial puppyshow. Judge is Matti Luoso,FIN
18.30 meal followed by the traditional “Spot auction”. Meal must be reserved.

Sunday (Ann-Marie Hammarlunds memorialshow)

Official speciality show for dalmatians and unofficial puppyshow. Judge is Manola Poggesi, ITA
After both shows on Saturday and Sunday we will have a bucket lottery. The club is very thankful to all breeders and exibithors who want to bring a bucket!

An updated schedule for the whole event can be found on www.dalmatiner.nu
Make sure to check all classes the entry is open for! Payment and entryform www.dalmatiner.nu

All foregin exibitors must be members of either SDS or their countries dalmatian club.
Note that foreign exibitors must attach a copy of pedigree to utstallning@dalmatiner.nu when entering each dog.

New rules for 2022 is CLUB CHAMPION. Club CAC is awarded to the winners of champion class. Read more about this on www.dalmatiner.nu

1.Last day to enter is 20.6.2022
2. Very last day to enter is 30.6.2022 for a higher price

More information about accomondation on the camping area can be found on www.tangehed.se ,

info@tangehed.se or by phone +46322624311

We look forward to meet you!

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